Shadow Kin – M.J. Scott | DNF

Did not finish. Not grabbing me by the neck.

The half-vampire, half-elf is a wraith. Or half-human? Did I miss the memo? Name’s Lily, though we don’t learn that for a long time.

I am over a third of the way in (561 / 1415) and it’s still put-down-able. It’s not bad, but I am sure that better books await right now.

First-person p.o.v. mostly from Lily, but sometimes from our male lead, possibly others. Switch is sometimes a little disorienting, but the ebook formatting on my iPhone in Overdrive might also be to blame.

Romance building with Simon sunmage, his brother Guy is a templar. The names Simon and Lily seem just a little banal – is it too much to say it’s making the Whedonesque neurons fire?  Lucius is an OK name choice for lead vamp.  He’s good and creepy.

Elves… LOTS of trope? icons? bandied about. Our heroine is an assassin – note dagger on cover and Electra-invoking leather garbed pose.

I like the world-building – the wraith-vampire-sunlight connection works for me –  blood-addiction – but there’s something that just has not quite clicked for me. I can’t put my finger on it, but the book is not grabbing me.

So, I am putting it aside for later, probably meaning never.

Borrowed from library.

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