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Finding your way around

I’ve got category ‘star rankings‘ on my book posts, so that I can browse my own lists of what was best… so that I can fire off more book requests to the library with a better chance of locating good new stuff.  Stars are used as categories.

Reviews have a genre Category. For example, you can look at my reviews of non-fiction. That is a short list 🙂

Tags usually are more specific than the overall category.  A review of an SF book might be tagged as military science fiction, or time-travel, or whatever.

Sometimes I post things other than book reviews; such as funny stuff, recipes, or links to other people’s book reviews. That’s usually in Commentary, or Miscellaneous.  It might end up in Books, but since that includes all the book reviews, it’s rather unwieldy to browse.  Use the “Tag cloud’ for the funny or quotable or garden tags.

Speaking of browsing, the Index by Author page contains a full list of the reviews on my site, in alpha-by-author format. Find that via My Lists

The Bibliography category contains various lists in post format.

The List di tutti Listi organizes things via a list-of-list pages.

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