In this blog – serving up a book buffet

Mostly, this blog is my reviews of books which I have read, as I read them.  ’Speculative fiction’ covers it overall, though I also enjoy some mystery now and again. And a little percentage will be non-fiction or ‘good-for-you’ fiction.

Instead of a soap-box, I’ll stand on a stack of library hardcovers to harangue those of you within earshot.  Unlike the really cool book blogs, I am not reading advance copies of new books – these are books of any vintage grabbed from the library or from my own collection.

THere’s very little self-editing or proofing but plenty of editorializing.

I started posting my ‘books-read’ notes here sporadically in April 2010 – these posted comments evolved into something resembling reviews by early 2011.  I doubt I will ever back-track to post reviews, notes, or even a list of the books I’ve read pre-blog.  Listing the books I own would take too long, too.

Oh, and yes, this blog will contain some non-book-review posts.  I’ll even post one or two non-book-related thoughts; but really, those are quite rare.  The posts are rare, I mean: I frequently think about topics other than books.

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