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Split Second – Alex Kava

I wanted to like this, I really did. There are tons of mysteries by this author, and they seem quite popular. So, I requested Split Second, which is book two.


The writing was painfully forced (sorry if you’re reading this Alex, but …)  I stopped reading just part-way in.  Didn’t care what happened.

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<2 star books!

Hah!  I can diss them here without ever re-reading them.

  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke. I bought this at the airport before a week-long business trip.  If I’d had anything else to read, I never would have finished this brick.  It meanders, it’s precious in-a-bad-way. I was not impressed. Why were some people so impressed by this thing. Sheesh. Anyone want to buy a used copy? Barely bent, very good condition paperback 😉
  • Split Second – Alex Kava. Maybe her later books got better, but the exposition in the first chapter just bludgeoned all the fun out of it.

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That book to avoid? – Scar Night – Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell is the author of a ‘dark fantasy’ novel called Scar Night. Based on the synopsis and the cover, I think I tried reading this and said ‘ugh.’

There are angels, and it mentions gruesome.  Maybe that’s what I confused Mainspring with…

Maybe I’m wrong, it was back in the pre-blog days so I am only going by my memory here..



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