Mousetrap -Nov 30 review in Flamborough Review

Grabbed November 30,  2011 from Flamborough Review online
Wednesday, November, 30, 2011 – 4:04:43 PM
Patrick J. McCarthy • Special

Patrick J. McCarthy • Special

SCENE: Village Theatre actors take to stage during the Waterdown theatre company’s rendition of Mousetrap.

VT’s murder mystery takes over Memorial Hall

Who dunnit?  Village Theatre, that’s who!

The Waterdown theatre company’s latest show, Mousetrap, delivers a period piece with a surprise twist at the end.  The performance is a gem, leaving audiences bantering about the shocking outcome for hours, sometimes even days afterwards.

When you settle in to watch it, you’ll see why. The set spares no attention to detail with its antique furniture  and English manor charm.

The costumes bring each character to life in a historically accurate 1950s style. Audience members will be transported  to another time and place, where a murder happens and everyone seems a little suspect.

Inspired casting choices include Elaine Hale and Andy Dumas as Mollie and Giles Ralston, a pair of newlyweds trying to make their new guesthouse run smoothly.  Enter Mrs. Boyle, expertly played by Dianne McEwan, who complicates things from the moment she arrives. Add a snowstorm that blows in three additional guests, and you have a recipe for anything but a calm country vacation.

Supporting cast members play a central role to keep the plot turning and the audience wondering ‘who dunnit?’ Sandy Milne is a highly suspicious Miss Casewell, Ralph Woodcock presents an enigmatic but totally proper Major Metcalf and George Sanford plays the role of Paravicini with every shade of strangeness it deserves. Julian Ford does justice to the quintessential policeman, Detective Sgt. Trotter.

Andrew Finnigan is a flamboyant Christopher Wren and, judging by the roars of laughter erupting from the audience, he is clearly a crowd favourite. Also the show’s director, Finnigan was confident from the outset that VT could make Agatha Christie’s murder mystery the talk of the town.

Readers won’t find any big secrets revealed here. To find out who really did it, the curious will have to call and reserve tickets.

The production has been showing to packed houses and with only two shows left (Dec. 2-3), reservations are recommended.

The box office number is the only secret we’ll let out of the bag: 905-690-7889.

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