My Lists

Lists are awesome, lists are fun.  I have lists of various things for various purposes.  The contents of some of these are going to overlap. It would be boring if this was the same as categories, so it’s not the same as categories OK?


Post Archives – category or by date – ok, so I got this one for no effort via a page template.  Still a good way to browse.

Books reviewed, by author’s last name. I’ve seen this on other book blogs. Nifty feature, though I do pretty well just searching for the author. On the other hand, you can’t BROWSE the list of authors via search, so that’s why this list is nice.

The lists

Best or favorite books – this year, or by genre, or ‘ever’, or…

Author Pages I have lists of books by particular authors – sometimes favorite authors, sometimes just prolific authors I am reading. My bibliography category started out for this purpose

Micro-Genre or theme lists – grouping books by arbitrarily tiny categories.

Funny Stuff! Collateral humor as I go about reviewing books and occasionally free-form blogging.

Books-read by month.  The date-when is a little inaccurate because it reflects when the review was posted.

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