Top-ten lists

Best lists of things

These are lists of what I consider to be ‘best’ based on any criteria that I choose to use.

Best in Genre
  1. Best Fantasy Books – The very best fantasy that I have ever read.
  2. Best Sci-Fi Books – The very best science fiction.
  3. Excellent Aliens – A variant of science fiction – the most interesting alien races I’ve come across.
Best of Year
Highest-rated reviews

My five-star book reviews – Better than 98% of every other book I have ever read.

Favourite Authors
  1. Guy Gavriel Kay – awesome author – the most consistently excellent author I know of.  Completely diverse writing styles, not just in content: tone and technique too.
  2. C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner Universe – possibly my most favourite series of books.

Micro Genres

As I have been focusing on my reading with this blog, I was amused to see that ‘female space marines’ was not a one-of-a-kind topic.  So I decided in that case to look actively for more examples!

  1. Babes with Blasters – One of my ‘best’ list titles :).  I am being ironic with the name, silly.   Lists  science fiction with a strong female protagonist, within a military context. Usually in space, hence the ‘blasters’.
  2. Another notch in my lipstick case – The femme fatale as undercover agent/investigator in a fantasy novel or series.  It’s an excellent excuse to blend steamy scenes with romance and intrigue and fantasy.
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