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The Uplift War – vintage French edition cover


Hmm, I detect a late-eighties trend in J’ai lu covers – very conan-esque.  I thought when I saw the 1992 Barrayar cover, that it was a one-time glitch of awfulness. But nope, it seems to have happened in 1988 too.




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Counting Heads – David Marusek

Cover of "Counting Heads"

Cover of Counting Heads

Counting Heads is a first novel by a respected short-story writer David Marusek.  This shows, a little, in the structure of the book. It’s a bit choppy.

You know, in retrospect, there may be some resonance with David Brin’s The Kiln People.

It’s a really interesting work – AIs and nanotech and cloning. Memorable for Read the rest of this entry »

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