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The Burning Stone – Kate Elliott

The Burning Stone by Kate Elliott is the third in her Crown of Stars series.

My library no longer carries the first or second books, so I tried to start with this one.  Unfortunately, there was too much back-story for me to dig through.  So, I put it down before getting to page 100.

I am very disappointed because her Gate trilogy was so very enjoyable. Even her Read the rest of this entry »


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Infoquake – David Louis Edelman

I started Infoquake but didn’t finish. WB read it through to the end!

In the part I read, it’s about a techno-business thing in the future. Deadlines and product strategies, who will capture market share.  Maybe the technology gets more compelling in the parts of the book that I did not read.

The tag line on the cover was  ‘hack the body and the mind will follow’…

I don’t want to read about unrealistic deadlines on technology projects.  That’s work, not fun. Maybe the fault was all mine, but I just had to put the book down with a resounding meh, after about 30 pages. Maybe it’s a good book, but not for me.

Little Red Book Reviewer read it all the way through and enjoyed it.

An interesting review from Cult of the New. Sixteen hour days and programming marathons? Yep, I stand by my decision, that’s not leisure reading. Interesting point made there about the murky feasibility of fiefcorps. I suppose: maybe as an unattached early-twenties-geek new to the world of work, I might take a five-year-contract… it’s not really that different from what one did anyhow. But, I can’t picture doing that forever!

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Split Second – Alex Kava

I wanted to like this, I really did. There are tons of mysteries by this author, and they seem quite popular. So, I requested Split Second, which is book two.


The writing was painfully forced (sorry if you’re reading this Alex, but …)  I stopped reading just part-way in.  Didn’t care what happened.

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That book to avoid? – Scar Night – Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell is the author of a ‘dark fantasy’ novel called Scar Night. Based on the synopsis and the cover, I think I tried reading this and said ‘ugh.’

There are angels, and it mentions gruesome.  Maybe that’s what I confused Mainspring with…

Maybe I’m wrong, it was back in the pre-blog days so I am only going by my memory here..



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