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Worldwired – Elizabeth Bear

This is the final book in Elizabeth Bear’s trilogy about Jenny Casey. Book two, Scardown, was my favourite of the three, but this was still engrossing.  It will keep you up late reading!

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Scardown – Elizabeth Bear

Scardown is book two by Elizabeth Bear – and it’s more exciting than book one, though the story scope tightens in a bit from the ambitious sweep of Hammered.

What at first appears to be a race for the stars turns into a scramble to save Earth from extinction-level impact.

Very good.



Hammered by Elizabeth Bear

Hammered by Elizabeth Bear – astoundingly, this seems to be a novel in which the lead character is Canadian, yet the author is not!  The question was nagging at me so much that I had to flip to the bio to check on Bear’s nationality – she is apparently American. Go figure!

Anyhow, I found this book to be a slow start, with an especially brutal attack by bludgeoning exposition around page 30.  After literally skipping the page or three, I got back into the story and truly, I never missed knowing about the socio-political history that set it all up.  Sheesh.  Other minor gripe – the title is awful.  I almost wonder whether the word hammer was introduced into the novel purely to allow for the catchy name.  The main, main character is called Maker – cool name, but did I miss the reason?  Razorface was obvious, but Maker?

On with the praise now.  Once characters get moving from one location to the next, it picks up a lot.  Some emotional tension gets simmering, the backstory provides lots of juicy angst, and the important personae start to congregate in important locations.

I like the device of the ‘sample starships’ abandoned on Mars to boost Earthlings outward once they make it that far.

Looking forward to book two – Scardown. Again, why this name?

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