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The Queen’s Bastard – C.E. Murphy

Hey, didja know that Queen Elizabeth the First had a daughter out-of-wedlock and that daughter was raised as an assassin, actually her name was Phedre and she spoke lots of languages (including the language of loooove)…

wait, that’s mixing up the two series, this isn’t Jaqueline Carey: this is a different series by C.E. Murphy.  Our heroine is the aforementioned bastard daughter, named Belinda really, and her mission is to wander about in this parallel Regency Europe wearing awesome clothing.

It’s an unabashed literal bodice ripper.  Belinda is only occasionally credible as a cold-blooded killer – it rang true early in the book, but then in leaping forward in time it became a little harder to believe Read the rest of this entry »

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The Dagger and the Cross – Judith Tarr

The Dagger and the Cross is a novel later in the series of elf-like magical folks, set in the time of the crusades.  I loved the earlier books when I was in my teens, and they are still a bon-bon to return to.  This seemed to be weaving together a few too many distant plot elements to be really engaging. Or maybe I have gotten too picky.

Anyhow, our two main characters want to get married, but the bad guy has done away with their dispensation.

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Bring down the sun – Judith Tarr

Hmm, Judith Tarr also has written this kind of book – I did not realize.

It’s a ‘slender’ historic-romantic-magic thing weaving a story around Alexander the Great’s mother.  Affinity for snakes, gaia-type magic. 

It was going through the motions, but it didn’t really feel alive.

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Lord of Emperors – Guy Gavriel Kay

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Lord Of Emperors by Guy Gavriel Kay

the horse race – most awesome ever

Also my third-favourite fantasy by GGK. Fascinating historically, tragic, and can bring me to tears.

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