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Summer Knight – Jim Butcher

Summer Knight is book 4 of the Dresden Files, and this may be the last one I bother to track down.  Fun- more or less – but not memorable.

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Dresden Files – Jim Butcher

Books in the series

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Grave Peril – Jim Butcher

Book three of the Dresden Files. I admit that I read them in the wrong order – Book 10, then Book 2, then Book 1, but still there seemed to be some discontinuites between this book and the supposedly previous one.

But perhaps that’s deliberate, so that Harry’s world seems more extensive than the books.

Anyhow this was, again, pulpy. Enjoyable, and some good character development (relatively speaking) with Susan and Harry. The Susan situation is really a direct parallel with Spenser for Hire.

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Storm Front – Jim Butcher

Finally, book one of the Dresden Files.

Interesting, I don’t know whether I would have really latched onto the series if this were the first one I’d read.  It’s OK but later books in the series are better.  There are almost too many moving parts introduced for one book here.

Tapping into the power of the storm… well maybe.  It’s a good justification for the title at least.

It was over a week ago that I finished reading this, and not much has stuck with me.  That should tell you something about it.

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