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The Burning Stone – Kate Elliott

The Burning Stone by Kate Elliott is the third in her Crown of Stars series.

My library no longer carries the first or second books, so I tried to start with this one.  Unfortunately, there was too much back-story for me to dig through.  So, I put it down before getting to page 100.

I am very disappointed because her Gate trilogy was so very enjoyable. Even her Read the rest of this entry »

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Kate Elliott – Bibliography

I bought a used copy of Jaran, Kate Elliott’s first novel, some time ago. When I launched into true bibliophage mode in 2010, I looked through my bookshelves for author’s I’d liked.  That’s how I got started reading more of these! Read the rest of this entry »

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Traitors’ Gate – Kate Elliott

The final book in the trilogy by Kate Elliott, Traitors’ Gate, follows through on all the promises of character development in the first two books, but is a tiny bit light in the climactic struggle against the bad guys.  But, I was in it for the people, anyway, so I give this an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

Something about this series really sticks in my head – a mood or setting or something.

Must find more books by this author!

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Shadow Gate – Kate Elliott

Cover of "Shadow Gate (Crossroads, Book 2...

Cover of Shadow Gate (Crossroads, Book 2)

Shadow Gate is the second, hefty, book in this series by Kate Elliott.

It’s an excellent series – great world-building and mysteries and conflicts. The characters are absorbing.

I had much less trouble keeping track of who is who in this second book, compared to how often I was puzzled in Spirit Gate. Happily, not too many new characters are added 🙂

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