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Purple rain: did Homer think the wine-dark sea was burgundy?

The girl in the YELLOW bonnet

The girl in the YELLOW bonnet

Now for something completely different, though still with a strong literary bent: “the topic of color perception through the prisms of cognitive science, perception, language, literature, and history.”

In his writings Homer surprises us by his use of color. His color descriptive palate was limited to metallic colors, black, white, yellowish green and purplish red, and those colors he often used oddly, leaving us with some questions as to his actual ability to see colors properly (1). He calls the sky “bronze” and the sea and sheep as the color of wine, he applies the adjective chloros (meaning green with our understanding) to honey, and a nightingale (2). Chloros is not the only color that Homer uses in this unusual way. He also uses kyanos oddly, “Hector was dragged, his kyanos hair was falling about him” (3). Here it would seem, to our understanding, that Hector’s hair was blue as we associate the term kyanos with the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli…  Purple rain: did Homer think the wine-dark sea was burgundy? « Sandy’s CERSYS Blog.

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Protest #PIPA #SOPA

If you can read this, either it’s not January 18th, or your Javascript is not running the block provided by WordPress, or WordPress itself has slipped up in taking this blog dark.

Global readers: contact the state department!

US readers: contact congress!

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Versatile blogger award goes to… Bibliophage’s Buffet?

The Versatile Blogger AwardA very pleasant shock this past Friday –

I get comments rarely, and today’s note contains a virtual kudo:  the “Versatile Blogger Award.” Shannon, over at For the Love of Words sent this my way. Thanks Shannon!!

The rules:

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you. (see above, and check)

2. Share seven random facts about yourself. (see below)

3. Pass this award on to 15 blogging friends. (see The Winners)

4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers. (well, this may take some time… It’s like writing 15 thank-you notes!)

Well, I hope none of the following folks are too creeped-out or offended that I’ve been following/reading your blogs. I assume you’ll be fine with it, since you’re posting in public and all that. 🙂  As Shannon commented, it seems a little creepy to award professional, established authors with this virtual trinket… but if I were braver, Kris Rusch would be finding this green award in her inbox. Oops, backtracking quickly, if any of y’all ARE professional-established authors, don’t be insulted.  Your blogs have made me feel right-at-home: I didn’t realize you’re one of those lucky-gifted few.

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Hello? Testing, one, two, three

Well, hello again.  It’s been a while.  I’ve been keeping my blog-skills fresh over in my business persona and poor little bibliophage has been pining away here.  Nothing posted between June 30 and September 5th.

Not that I had stopped reading.  Just… not book blogging for a time.   I doubt I am going to get caught up here with full reviews for what I’ve read since the last time I posted a review.  It was actually The Name of the Wind that put me out of commission back in May.  That’s an excellent book … and just quite daunting to write a review that does it justice.  So, call me daunted and don’t hold your breath for an eloquent review from me on that. Read the rest of this entry »

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