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Kris Longknife bibliography – Mike Shepherd


Told you...

For the sake of completeness, I am going to keep reading these books until I find better things to do. (update – this was the death-knell, perhaps.  I have too many lovely books sitting in TBR to spend more time with Kris and her super-soakers…) Read the rest of this entry »

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Resolute (a Kris Longknife) – Mike Shepherd

Oh dear. It is  a bad sign that I was looking at Resolute on my ‘in progress’ list not realizing that I’d already read and returned it to the library.  Oddly, the library catalog image shows the title as being Redoubtable, but it should instead say Redundant.  In any case, this is the fourth instalment of Krispy goodness.

Kris has to go to an out-of-the-way system and help round up a rag-tag fleet of ships to fight off pirates. The progression here is: she’s now commander of the defense of the system, though still ludicrously below rank still as a mere lieutenant.  Somehow the relationship sparks with her past Romeo in that opposing clan are already dead and I don’t remember why.

The only reasons to read it: you’re slogging through the series, you enjoy the competent banter, and it’s fun to read space-based pow, pow.  What you really should do is, skip this Resolute and go straight to the next book Audacious, because it is much more fun.

2.5 of 5 stars.  It’s barely making the grade; but, I found it to be acceptably diverting given low expectations.

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Audacious – Mike Shepherd

Audacious is the fifth book in the Kris Longknife series. I read it slightly out of order, skipping the fourth book Resolute by accident.

This is my favourite of the Longknife books so far. The story is fast-paced and heavy on action, and to be honest you don’t really need to have read the previous books to appreciate this one.  In fact, given my disappointment with Resolute, maybe it’s better if you don’t read the previous one.

Kris is on a ‘more sophisticated’ planet called Eden, nominally expected to get experience in procurement for the military base supporting the embassy. Instead, she ends up needing to thwart or perhaps aid a revolution.

For once, her computer Nelly is not all-powerful, and the story does NOT turn on gadgets and smart metal.  They rush around looking for clues, wearing nifty outfits, and wrap everything up with a military assault on a fancy party.

This raises my hopes for future instalments.

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Mutineer – Mike Shepherd

Cover of "Mutineer (Kris Longknife)"

Cover of Mutineer (Kris Longknife)

Mutineer is the first book in Mike Shepherd’s SF series about Kris Longknife – privileged daughter of a wealthy (political) family who flouts convention by joining the space military.

In other words – did you run out of Elizabeth Moon’s Serrano/Suiza/Vatta books to read? This is like that.  This first book is competent but formulaic.

That being said, when I’m out of better things to read, some times a calorie-free twinkie-book like this fits the bill.

I do find the cover art has established a new category of love-to-hate standards – Paris Hilton with a Super-Soaker water gun in front of a space-vista backdrop.


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