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Fantasy is for boys? New York Times

The NYT will publish all sorts of dreck, it sounds. I was not aware of the anti-female-fantasy-reader diatribe masquerading as a Review of HBO’s Game of Thrones; but, now I am pissed off.   Teitelbaum’s rejoinder in has me pounding the table in agreement. I would be looking for books to throw.  Heavy ones. Like vintage Anne McCaffrey or C.J. Cherryh.  Problem is, I’ll throw like a girl, right?

The characterization of fantasy as “boy fiction” is offensive to the genre and offensive to women. That we for the most part will only read what Oprah has picked, and especially if a woman wrote it, is a stereotype that is not only demeaning to women — it is also untrue.

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blargh – Book Spines Turned In | Apartment Therapy

Such a ludicrous idea – put your books on shelves with the spines turned in, so that it’s a soothing wash of beige paper in your design scheme.  ???!

I grant, most books would be a garish backdrop en masse.  And, stored the normal way, the tops really collect dust: bad for allergies.

For bulk beige storage I like the idea of storing paperback books spine up – this way, they would be easier to dust and take up less vertical space, but you can still walk up and browse  by looking down over them.  That would work relatively well for paperbacks, and if you had shelves about seven inches high, it would give you more book storage per cubic meter 🙂

This particular furor raged over two years ago: I am not joining the party in a timely fashion, but I just had to comment.

Is this the backlash to displaying books by color? A friend mentioned seeing a book shelf where all the book spines were turned in so you only saw the whites of the pages. Seems like a sleek way to display those books you’ve read but can’t bare [sic] to part with — and don’t need to locate any time soon!

via Bookshelf Display: Book Spines Turned In | Apartment Therapy New York.


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