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No way to treat a first lady – Christopher Buckley

Welcome to the time-capsule of No way to treat a first lady.

The philandering President of the USA keels over dead… whose fault is it?  The First Lady is put on trial for murder, because of the little matter of having conked him on the head with a silver spittoon that night.

Political satire on the late eighties or early nineties – the love child of John Grisham and Christopher Moore?  Well, anyhow, it was funny, better than his Little Green Men.  Oh, rats, I thought this had been written before Bill Clinton, that would have been an awesome prediction.  Sadly, this followed all that in 2002.

I enjoyed it especially because of the memory-lane aspects of revisiting the eighties or early nineties.  If you don’t bring that to the book, it may not work nearly as well for you.

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Little Green Men – Christopher Buckley

This book is drenched in circa-1999 DC political satire. Very nostalgic for me, in terms of both place and time.

Fairly funny – absurd. I enjoyed watching the amalgams of major media figures of the day cavort around.

For some reason I was expecting the UFO conspiracy plot to remain hidden enough that it all remained in the ‘could-have-happened’ realm, but instead it tipped right into the two-million-strong march on the White House.

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