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Succubus Shadows – Richelle Mead

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Succubus Shadows is Richelle Mead’s fifth book about Georgina Kincaid – a conscience-plagued succubus in Seattle with romantic tribulations galore.

Four out of five stars.

In this book, Georgina continues to suffer the karmic fallout from cheating with her best friend Maddie’s boyfriend Seth Mortensen, who happened to be Georgie’s secret ex.  As with the whole series, there is a paranormal mystery to solve and foes to vanquish.  The character development of Georgie is this book’s strongest point.

I first read this four months ago, forgot to review it, and then forgot what it was about! As a re-read, I can see why:  the plot starts out very, very similar to the previous books.  Georgie is having strange dreams, maybe hallucinations.  Something seems to be luring her to a bright light and feelings of peace and joy, almost like she’s to commit suicide. Her relationship with Seth Mortensen is off-again: in fact, Maddie strong-arms Georgie into being a bridesmaid.

This book is really about exploring Georgie’s character and moral misgivings about her role as temptress from Hell. Let’s discuss with some spoilers…

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Succubus Heat – Richelle Mead

The fourth entry in the Georgina Kincaid series.

Georgina’s broken up with Seth, mopes around doing not-much and so gets ‘exiled’ to Vancouver with a crappy assignment, and Jerome-who-looks-like-John-Cusack gets kidnapped.  As a result, briefly (happily) Georgie loses her succubus powers.

I am losing a little clarity on Seth’s character.  There’s a little too much of Seth-as-foil, and less of a sense of him as an independent character.

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Richelle Mead – Bibliography

The first book I read by Richelle Mead was Storm Born, sometime before I started this blog. Because it was pretty good, I tracked down its sequel Thorn Queen in April 2010. Overall, I’ve liked the Georgina series better.  Look at the international covers for an interesting different perspective on Georgina – often with bat-wings.  I like this one ‘her kiss is deadly…’

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Succubus Dreams – Richelle Mead

This is book three of the Georgina Kinkaid saga.  Our local sucubess continues with trials and tribulations, and would you believe bad dreams?  There’s an incredibly annoying and  incompetent new succubus for Georgina to mentor, and her relationship with Seth … heats up as much as it can.

Why is Georgie so tired all the time?


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