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Firethorn – Sarah Micklem

Firethorn is Sara Micklem’s first novel (unless I misremember) and it is an impressive debut.  Despite my reservations about romance-genre-tracking of authors, this book has impressive character development, lots of depth in world-building, and large-scale conflicts.

I was pleased that the details in this book were surprising even though I had read the second book already.  Unlike the disposable series (Eddings, anyone?) this writer uses far more than plot tricks to keep things interesting.

Luck, or Firethorn, is a young woman in a feudal society who almost drifts into the life of a camp follower.  It’s not a lust-fest – there are gods, curses, and heavy-duty warfare looming.

An author to watch.

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Wildfire – Sarah Micklem

Book 2 in a series.

Surprisingly good, given the heavy-dreck romance slant of the book jacket. My excuse for borrowing it was, um… lack of time before a long weekend.

Reminded me a little of J. Carey.

Good world-building, magic, and pantheon.

The theme seems to be that our heroine Wildfire attracts the notice/favour of a different god in each book. This time through, she’s hit by lightning, and spends a lot of the book speaking through serious aphasia.  Nicely written, that.

The steaminess does not kick in until a lot later in the book.

I think I will track down the other books.

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