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Another notch in my lipstick case – genre guide

Mata Hari

In 1917 Mata Hari was executed in France for spying.

Sex and the sneaky – using her wiles to solve the case

The femme fatale as undercover agent is in no way a new idea – Mata Hari as the iconic 20th-century example. Nonetheless, this concept has been used in a few fun fantasy froli series.  It’s an excellent excuse to blend steamy scenes with romance and intrigue and fantasy.

  • Jaqueline CareyKushiel’s Dart – Phedre Delaney. Carey has written quite the series featuring Phedre as a young woman trained as a spy in a France-analogue country which lives according to the motto ‘Love as thou wilt’.  Since Phedre has been touched by the god who governs sadomasochism, her adventures are not for the squeamish or straight-laced.  The series has continued across literally generations of characters now, all following the successful formula of at least two major conflict/crisis arcs, thwarted love, and many titillating scenes.  Generally Phedre is uncovering threats to the monarchy by finding information, or locating a mystical token.
  • C.E. Murphy – The Queen’s Bastard – Belinda Drake. This is a more recent series, as yet only with two books, and the superficial details of character and setting are quite similar to the Carey series.  The main character comes from an England-analogue, but spends a lot of time in ‘France’, and uses her feminine wiles in many undercover antics.  Belinda is actually an assassin more often than spy, and let’s just say the magic is not coming ‘from the gods’.

Honorary list members

These series have a similar strong female protagonist with a mystery to solve, and Read the rest of this entry »

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Indulgence in Death – J.D. Robb

Indulgence in Death is one of the newest Dallas books. She and Roarke are experiencing some of the luxuries of wealth when Eve needs to go solve a murder.

I think there’s a mysterious drug-chemical-potion being brought in from off-planet?

I don’t recall there being any significant character developments.The series does seem to have plateaued.

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Rapture in Death – J.D. Robb

Book four of the In Death series.  Mavis is launched on her career as a singer, Peabody begins to work permanently with Dallas, and there is a series of suicides which Eve finds suspicious.  Nice cliffhanger where Eve has to rescue Roarke from a nasty plot.  Compelling baddie.

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Conspiracy in Death – J.D. Robb

This is the eighth Dallas book, and exciting new crime and characters appear.  This is a satisfying instalment in the development of the series.

The murder victim is another female police officer who has long bitterly resented Eve’s success, and so Eve is considered a suspect. Louise DiMatto and Troy Trueheart are introduced as characters.

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