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The Truth of Valor – Tanya Huff

Slogged through the mud to victory.

Stars: Four out of five.

Review format: Review plus links.
Summary: Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is attempting to build a new life with salvage operator Craig Ryder on his ship, the Promise. Turns out civilian life is a lot rougher than she’d imagined-salvage operators are losing both cargo and lives to pirates. And when they attack the Promise, Craig is taken prisoner and Torin is left for dead.When Torin finds out why the pirates needed Craig, she calls in the Marines to get him back – and to stop the pirates from changing the balance of power in known space. (from the publisher via bookdaze)
Provenance: Borrowed from the local library.

I had a difficult three-score pages getting started with The Truth of Valor. I climbed out of this ‘mud’ when in chapter three (page 59 my book) Torin and Craig spar (verbally) over whether they should take up a fight against apparent pirates who’ve killed an ex-Marine.

Up till then, though, I was starting to worry whether Torin had jumped the shark at the end of Valor’s Trial. Was the ‘War was a Sham’ finale of the previous book going to leave her purposeless? If so, I didn’t want to see the ugly result.  But… Who knows, maybe this was deliberate meta-suspense on Huff’s part! Mean of her, if so. I was starting to worry maybe this wasn’t going to work out!

In the course of writing this review, I’ve decided that this book actually describes Torin turning an important corner in her life, now that the big war has been revealed to be a fake. She’s going to have a new mission in future books (see my liked list below if you don’t mind spoilers).

Recommended especially to Torin fans. Remember, Torin is like Heris Serrano in her purple uniform!

Linkage, Spoilage, and minor Quibbles below

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Valor’s Trial – Tanya Huff

Valor’s trial is another Torin Kerr adventure, following closely after her activities in the previous books Valor’s Choice and the Better Part of Valor.

This one is rather less action-focused – they’re all in a POW camp of a sort.  The situation is reminiscent of the lord of the flies – dropped into isolation with scarce resources, what sorts of character rises to the top?  Not surprisingly, it’s our Torin once she conquers some adversities.

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Valor’s Choice – Tanya Huff

A *real* looking space suit - not too tight ;)Space Marines. Hoo-rah.

Welcome to Valor’s Choice by Tanya Huff. I appreciate the ‘branding’ approach by using the same noun in all the titles of a series, but sadly I can’t keep track of which was which, as a result.

Really, reading this is not a genre obsession, it’s my approach of trying to read everything by any particular worthwhile author.  So, Tanya Huff’s books are on my to-do list.

The first book in the Confederation series follows tough Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr as she Read the rest of this entry »

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