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Shadow Kin – M.J. Scott | DNF

Did not finish. Not grabbing me by the neck.

The half-vampire, half-elf is a wraith. Or half-human? Did I miss the memo? Name’s Lily, though we don’t learn that for a long time.

I am over a third of the way in (561 / 1415) and it’s still put-down-able. It’s not bad, but I am sure that better books await right now.

First-person p.o.v. mostly from Lily, but sometimes from our male lead, possibly others. Switch is sometimes a little disorienting, but the ebook formatting on my iPhone in Overdrive might also be to blame.

Romance building with Simon sunmage, his brother Guy is a templar. The names Simon and Lily seem just a little banal – is it too much to say it’s making the Whedonesque neurons fire?  Lucius is an OK name choice for lead vamp.  He’s good and creepy.

Elves… LOTS of trope? icons? bandied about. Our heroine is an assassin – note dagger on cover and Electra-invoking leather garbed pose.

I like the world-building – the wraith-vampire-sunlight connection works for me –  blood-addiction – but there’s something that just has not quite clicked for me. I can’t put my finger on it, but the book is not grabbing me.

So, I am putting it aside for later, probably meaning never.

Borrowed from library.

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Smoke and Shadows – Tanya Huff

Cover of "Smoke and Shadows"

Cover of Smoke and Shadows

Smoke and Shadows is the first book in Tanya Huff’s second series of vampire novels.  The first ‘Blood’ series featured Vicki Nelson, the ex-cop from Toronto.

This book takes place on the set of a TV show where the main character is a vampire detective. The book’s protagonist is Tony Foster, the now twenty-something street-kid who Vicki originally took under her wing in Toronto.  The threat to the universe is cross-dimensional shadow lord who wants to invade.  Even some of the characters comment on the cheesiness – shadow lord?

The plot here is reasonably fun, and the lead character is ok, but I haven’t been so rabid a fan of the Blood books that this one carries along from the predecessors’ momentum.

Based on the teaser chapter at the end of this book, book two Smoke and Mirrors will feature some ghosts at a mansion at a remote location… of course the TV show chooses that spot to film some episodes.  I’m going to hold off on requesting the next one – there are some more promising books lined up already on my shelf.

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Hands of Flame – C.E. Murphy

Amazon of "Hands of Flame (The Negotiator,...

Cover of Hands of Flame (The Negotiator, Book 3)

Hands of Flame is the final book in the Negotiator trilogy started with Heart of Stone.

It wraps up some important threads in the topic regarding the four main characters, and provides closure overall.

It’s competently written and fairly fun.  3/5 *

Hands of Flame did not seem to have the internal momentum that House of Cards or even the first book did…

Janx and Eliseo find out whatever happened to their lost love; Grit steps into more cross-race tensions; and there’s a lovely explosion down at the docks.  We find out that Grace o’Malley is both more and less than she seems (how’s that for cryptic and non-spoiler).

What OUGHT to happen next…

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House of Cards – C.E. Murphy

This is a sequel to Heart of Stone – it was rather long in coming.

A lot of fun. I recommend working your way through book one in order to have the background to enjoy how good this one is.

I think you can tell that Catie has grown in skill and verve as an author since writing that first book. This one picks up with the promising themes from book one and starts to deliver the fun factor.

Grit, or Margrit, continues her work with Legal Aid in NYC, and struggles to find a place in her life for the paranormal races that she’s come in contact with.

Relationships implode or evolve, murders happen, and a big showdown with this book’s bad guy.  At the end of this book, the status quo is seriously shuffled and you have to wonder what’s going to happen in book three.

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