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Fluke, or, I know why the winged whale sings – Christopher Moore

Fluke is not quite what I was expecting from Christopher Moore this time around. We’ve had zombies and vampires and death (deaths?) incarnate.  Here we have… whales.  Significantly special whales of course, but it just didn’t quite feel like the usual stuff.

There is a central group of main characters, but our main guy remained a bit faceless to me. I can’t remember his name. Our guy ‘grows as  a person’ and discovers the ‘nifty secret’.

It did not include quite as many snort-beer-out-your-nose moments as several of his other books.  By which I mean humour.

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Little Green Men – Christopher Buckley

This book is drenched in circa-1999 DC political satire. Very nostalgic for me, in terms of both place and time.

Fairly funny – absurd. I enjoyed watching the amalgams of major media figures of the day cavort around.

For some reason I was expecting the UFO conspiracy plot to remain hidden enough that it all remained in the ‘could-have-happened’ realm, but instead it tipped right into the two-million-strong march on the White House.

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Blue Coyote – Christopher Moore

I read this one back in July while on vacation.  It was fairly funny, though I can’t remember too many of the details now.  There were a few resonances with American Gods, on the light side specifically.

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A Dirty Job – Christopher Moore

Right, finding the death-and-gloom a bit heavy with Connie Willis, so I hop over to a book with a deaths-head holding a sickle.  Duh. It’s death-and-giggles.

I liked Dirty Job a lot – it’s just as funny as Bloodsucking Fiends, and has more depth to it.

I didn’t check the publication date, but the central plot device reminded me a lot of Dead Like Me. Luckily, the book has all of the Christopher Moore insanity to power things along, and it’s not really about the plot and the gizmos.

Two thumbs up.

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