Review Policy

I read for enjoyment.  I am fussy.  Hugo Award Winners are not always on my five-star list.  Popular, successful authors have ended up DNF and/or ‘few star’ listed.

Stingy with praise and sparing with stars

Here’s what my rating system is.

I tend not to rant about books that I disliked – no hatchet jobs.  I will rate them with the stars I feel warranted, even if it’s paltry.  It’s never meant to hurt an author’s or fan’s feelings.

I will be honest reviewing books provided to me for review.  If you are concerned about a negative review, please scan my lists of 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, and 2 star books.  If Two Stars will scuttle your marketing campaign, please think twice about soliciting my input.

There are so many interesting books out there, I am more likely to ‘DNF’ a disappointing book, possibly leaving it unreviewed. Also, the book buffet is only a hobby, so if I am in a time crunch with family, consulting, or theatre, the book blog goes on hold.

Requesting reviews

If you would like me to review your book, contact me.  If you want a commitment to a review by a certain date, send me an good chunk of the book. I ascribe to the school of bring on the ghostpigs, so if I am hooked after five-ten-fifty pages, I will be interested in reviewing. After you provide me the sample, I will let you know within 48 hours whether I can sign up to review a book.

I will not return review copies provided to me, whether in form of dead tree form or captive electron.  I also will not unlawfully distribute, or share them about.

99% of the time, I read books obtained from the library.  If I read and review a book at an author’s request, I will mention the provenance up front in the review.  I read for my own enjoyment primarily.  Disclosure, blah blah, not based in the US, blah blah.

Types of books

I read fiction: speculative fiction with some mysteries occasionally.  Look at the distribution of my reviews across the genre various categories. Cross-over books can get >1 category if I feel it is applicable.

May 2011 review breakout: 103 fantasy, 73 SF, 42 mystery.  Some number of those mysteries are either SF or Fantasy too. For the current proportions of books-read, go to the Categories selector in the side-bar. It will display the number of each.


Thanks to CSI: Librarian and the Guilded Earlobe for posting their thoughtful review policies.  I built on their policies in my first draft of this policy, and it’s been evolving since.

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